ERP for Service Providers

Exercise your services efficiently with our ERP Software for Services Industry.

Know your Leads and Customers, set up subscription plans for your services. Build rapport with regular Customers using a Loyalty Program. Manage and bill multiple projects, set up maintenance schedules and visits to run your services industry better.


Manage Customer

Assign dedicated Account Managers, Tax IDs and tax categories for automatic tax calculations. Use different currency for your Overseas Customers and the exchange rates will be calculated automatically.


Customers Acquisition can be difficult especially when you're starting out. With the ERP's Campaign feature, send emails to multiple leads and manage the threads separately.


Set up different subscription plans and assign them to Customers. Set a trial period for your subscriptions. Taxes and discounts can be added to your subscriptions just like any other regular Item.

Project Management

Manage internal and external projects with great efficiency. Bill your Customers for the employees you've sent to their site using Timesheets.

Support & Helpdesk

Classify issues by leads, projects, or Companies. Record quality with minutes to first response and service level agreement.

Service Level Agreement

we have the Service Level Agreement feature to set and adhere to standards so that your Customers stay happy.

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