ERP for Manufacturing Business

Move beyond legacy tools with an easy Manufacturing ERP Software.

An contemporary manufacturing ERP Software that simplifies production cycle, helps track material consumption, exhibit capacity planning, subcontract and more!


Control on your Production

Integrate production planning and shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination across all verticals of your business.

Bill of Material (BOM)

A Bill of Material is at the heart of any manufacturing ERP software, and a well-defined BOM ensures robustness and accuracy. Hierarchical in nature, the finished product is at the top.

Shop Floor Management

With Job Cards, Operations and Workstations, you can automate the capture of mundane activities that are carried out on your shop floor.


If your business involves outsourcing certain processes to a third party Supplier, you can use the subcontracting feature of ERP.

Item Variants

An Item Variant is a version of an Item with different attributes like sizes or colors. Suppose you produce t-shirts and it comes in different sizes and colours like small, medium, large and red, yellow, black.

Batched Inventory

Integrated inventory so that you have a realtime view of the availability of products, managing stock levels in various locations with warehouses, stock transfers, and so on.

Serialised Inventory

Serialised Inventory feature comes in handy for maintaining each unit serially. Setup naming series for auto-creation of serial numbers for stock inwards/outwards.

Production Status

Minimise manufacturing costs and optimize resource allocation with Job Cards, Timesheets across the operations. You can track operational costs, resource costs and integrate these timesheets with salary structure for smooth processing of payroll as well.

Measurement Units

Keep track of different units of measurement for your inventory. You can set up conversion factors in the Item master itself and facilitate smooth Sales, Purchase and Stock transactions and the conversions will be handled by the system.

Quick Stock Balance

With Quick Stock Balance report, you can perform Stock Audits at the physical location to verify and validate the stock count at the warehouse and the system.

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